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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

10 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, and whether you’re expecting guests, hosting a dinner, or simply wanting to make your home feel festive for your family members and yourself, a holiday season home refresh that is simple yet effective will certainly go a long way in achieving the look and feel you are looking for.

You can always buy new items to add to your

holiday season collection of decorations, or simply reuse and rearrange your furniture and decorations that can give you a fresh feel that is different than previous holiday seasons.


1- Out with the Old

Finally, off for the holidays, and you have the time to do what you have been wanting to do all year long, to get rid of all the things you no longer use.

Instead of redecorating for the holidays, use this opportunity to declutter and give your home a different type of refresh by throwing out or giving away in the spirit of the season any old clothes, kitchenware, books, and everything that you have not been using and know for a fact you will not be using any longer.

Less is more, and nothing gives a more soothing feel to the heart than a clean, simple, and neat living room, closet, bedroom, and kitchen.

And if you are planning on bringing a new cushion, throw, or other decorative items, make sure you throw away the old ones that you will no longer use.

2- Think Sustainable

It is understandable that the holiday season has its own colors and specific decorations, but that does not mean you can’t insert small touches that can serve your home refresh ideas, celebrate the season while you can make use of all year round.

Colorful throws, cushions, table cloths, and candles will definitely change the vibe of your living room, while choosing the right colors for those items will help you make use of them all throughout the year.





3- Let it Smell Like the Holiday Season

I have always felt that the smell of a freshly cooked meal at home gives that cozy wholesome feeling for any house, and the same goes when you walk into that cake shop you love so much and smell the sugar and butter in the air.

Cocoa or cinnamon scented candles can do the trick for your home, so that the sense of smell can feel the same ambience and energy that the eyes can see with all the decoration efforts you have put in place for the season, and not to mention that the light of candles around the house gives a warm and cozy feeling as well.

4- Festive Sweets for Grabs

Whether it being Christmas cake, gingerbread cookies, or decorated chocolates; having them displayed on your dining table and coffee tables with holiday napkins and table runners will definitely give your home that holiday refresh you are looking for.

5- Keep it simple

Everyone loves buying new holiday decorations, and over the years these decorations mount up to become plenty, but that doesn’t mean you have to use every piece of decoration you own for your holiday home refresh.

Keep it simple, mix and match things pieces that maybe you have not used last year, and those which you do not use this year, you can use them the next holiday season which will always give you the feeling of brining in new elements, but you absolutely do not have to use all the decoration pieces that you have in storage.

6- Use the Season’s Trending Flowers

Add some fresh greenery, red roses, Amaryllis, or Poinsettia to the corners of your living room space. They will look and smell good as well helping you get into the spirit of the holidays.

7- Rugs and Carpets

Starting from the entrance of your home, you can make your home feel festive with a simple holiday doormat, and a new rug with the seasonal colors that match the rest of your decoration.

This doesn’t have to be extravagant, and a small rug can do the trick. We all know how much adding a rug or a carpet can refresh your space and make it feel all new.

8- Wallpaper and Paint

Have you been wanting to paint that wall for quite some time but you had no time for it? Now is the time. Painting your walls or changing your wallpaper will give your home the refresh you are looking for with the added benefit of taking a delayed task off of your list!

9- Lights and Lamps

Changing one light fixture in your living space or bedroom even can refresh the feeling of that room, whether by replacing an old light fixture with a new one, or adding that side lamp or table lamp you have been wanting to buy, or maybe it’s a corner of your house that doesn’t have sufficient lighting. Either way, lights can do wonders for your home refresh.

10- Towels and Beddings

For your guests to enjoy your holiday home refresh, and after finishing up with decorating your entrance, living room and dining area, now it’s time to move to the guest bathroom.

Holiday decorated face and hand towels, with a scented candle or two will extend your home refresh to the guest bathroom.

And if you have guests from out of town staying over, a set of new beddings and sheets or a simple seasonal colored throw on the bed will go a long way in refreshing that space.



Giving your home a refresh for the holidays can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be. Small changes and additions to your space can achieve the impact that you want without having to worry too much about what to do with all the new decorations after the holiday season.

Choosing sustainable and practical decoration pieces can help you refresh your home for the holidays and throughout the year as well, making your investment in those new items worthwhile.

The holiday season brings us into a new year, and gives us a spirit of a fresh start, so it is a great time to do the things you have been postponing and rid yourself of the things you no longer need.

A home refresh is not only about buying new decorative items, but it is always about where you place everything and how you place it within your space that makes all the difference.


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